Australia & Middle East Distributors Place Large Order

2016 has been a record year for orders from Australia & Middle East markets. Doctor Air Brake had a stand in “The Market Place” at the October TMC Conference held at the Kangan Institute, Docklands, Melbourne. On the stage Jeff Lowe urged delegates to embrace the new safety driven braking technology, now fitted as standard on over 90% of semi-trailers. “Doctor Air Brake is here to support you and has the range of equipment to ensure operators can confidently not only diagnose EBS faults, but repair them and clear the memory on every make of ECU manufactured today”

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In Dubai at Gulf Traffic, Doctor Air Brake supported its distributors in the region where Gulfco won a prestigious award for for their innovative Traffic Management vehicle, which has the DAB Auto-Impact Brake system along with our camera & mobile DVR system fitted. We also used the Gulf Traffic Exhibition platform to launch our latest product, The “Impact Guardian” which stands ready to help protect work zone operations against the effects of errant vehicles impacting the Crash Attenuator. It’s long range RADAR watches the speed & trajectory of approaching traffic and if this posses a risk of imminent impact, it sounds powerful horns on the IPV to warn workers operating in front of the protection vehicle. This vital alert serves to improve the safety of anyone within the zone, while the crash cushion and our Auto-Brake systems take over to arrest the vehicle, by absorbing the massive kinetic energy.