The latest Portable Air Brake Response Timer, now with Wireless Data Download to Laptop or PC.

Based on our well proven Code-Talk electronic platform the kit contains:-

1 x Code-Talk running special software to measure Brake Response time to 100th of a second.

1 x Foot pedal micro-switch, with velcro straps + Pressure switch pre-set to 0.65bar as per ECE13 specification.

1 x Pressure Transducer in a robust Die Cast aluminium enclosure with test pipe.

2 x 15M transducer switch extension Cables & connection box.

1 x PBR & Palm Trailer Coupling inter-connectors (Australian Version)

You can add our DAB wireless USB Dongle & Windows software package, to have full results download with:

* Date & Time Stamp of test

* Vehicle & Tester Details

* Location + any notes on test details

* “Create Form” function then displays a pre-completed pdf ready to save or print