Impact Guardian System

Additional Improved Safety for Road Maintenance Workers

To Further improve our Stop-Guard Auto Brake system. We’ve now developed an early warning module, sounding the Horn to alert Road Workers of an imminent impact giving a valuable warning when IPV’s are used for Road Block Protection.

System Detail

The same Radar Sensor used in our Reverse Systems monitors traffic 30+ Metres behind the parked Impact Protection Vehicle and Analyses Speed, Trajectory and Angle of approaching vehicles.  Complex Algorithms are then used to make a decision in micro-seconds on imminent impact risk of a Errant vehicle, sounding the Horn/Alarm to alert road workers. This gives a vital warning to workers stationed in front of the protection vehicle. Easy plug and play fit, this system can be added to existing vehicles as an upgrade.  When reversing with the cushion deployed it can also act as a driver aide to help prevent costly damage to attenuators.

There are several versions available starting from a basic post impact warning through to the premium Radar unit as described above, please enquire for prices and compatibility.


impact guardian 3 Loom Interface Plug & Play box