Guardmaster II & Stop-Master Red X (1/7/2017)

Product features:

An Auto-Brake System for traffic management vehicles helping to protect your workforce and making the roads safer. This is the preferred system for UK & Eire vehicle builders

  • Type approved by MIRA and Chapter 8 compliant
  • VCA STU Typre approval number E11 10R-048798
  • Compatible with Air-Hydraulic, Full-Air, ABS & EBS vehicles
  • Applies ALL vehicle brakes as a result of rear end collision
  • Patented dual park brake interlock preventing the brakes from being accidentally released
  • Once applied brakes cannot release under heavy impact, even if all electrical power is lost in the collision.
  • Electronics constantly monitor the whole system giving the driver warning of a failure, including low voltage
  • Automatically switches off when the cushion is raised

Stop-Master Red Cross X  Introduced to 1/7/2017 to address Smart Motorways Interim advice notice 187/15

Part of the Interim advice notice requiring crash cushions to be deployed at high speed 60-100 Kph and following investigative testing, Doctor Air Brake could not support the operation of our Auto Impact Brake above speeds of 40Kph. The Stop-Master was introduced to achieve this, drawing on years of experience in Australasia, Middle East & USA, we’ve combined the speed limiting & on-board diagnostics features developed for these markets into the new Stop-Master AIB system.  There is a change to the in-cab wiring, but the loom & pneumatic’s remain the same, so upgrades require only swapping out the main control unit. We’ve also introduced an upgrade exchange scheme for GM boxes within 2 years old, which results in minimal cost for the upgrade.

Please refer to our data sheet for in-cab wiring, as fitting the RED X without changing the wiring first can result in damage to internal electronics.