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The Most Advanced  Complete “End of Line” Trailer Test Machine in the World.

With the single press of a button, it runs an automatic Leakdown test giving clear Pass/Fail indication. Parrameters can be programmed in for min/max pressure, leakdown rate and time period. All data can then transmitted remotely to a Laptop or PC using our wireless USB dongle. The operator then completes the onscreen results form with Vin number, Tester ID and along embedded time, date & unique file number a pdf is generated to either save or print, offering complete traceability for the trailer builder. At the same time it can Diagnose all makes & generations of EBS: Wabco, Knorr-Bremse & Haldex, plus tests all lighting circuits, ABS/EBS function including a CAN line integrity test.

For countries that have both 12 & 24 volt trailers, it has an auto 12v/24v operation as it senses which EBS ECU is fitted. This is the most comprehensive tester in the world and accessories include all makes ABS diagnostics & wired remote control brake application with digital pressure gauge.

Product features:

  • Test lighting circuits
  • ABS/EBS & CAN line integrity
  • Auto Dual voltage 12/24V
  • Switchable air feeds to the trailer
  • Remotely apply/release trailer brakes using Remote Control
  • Brake Response Timer
  • Complete Air Brake & Suspension Leakdown Test
  • Data Recorded and wireless transmission to USB Dongle