Van TrailerCheck Trailer Test Unit

Product features:

  • Full test of trailer lighting circuits with 4 different modes of operation:
    • Power management control i.e. on 2sec : off 1sec
    • Complete automatic cycled sequence for all circuits
    • Diagnostic mode with selected circuit permanently on
    • Radio remote control via CodeTalk
  • Reverse & side lights option to test silent mode/reversing buzzers.
  • ABS/EBS power to trailer also “in cab” warning light function test
  • EBS CAN line integrity test
  • Wired remote to apply/release brakes, switch ABS/EBS power on-off whilst working around the trailer.
    • Includes digital pressure readout for accurate reading of brake chamber pressures, also programmable pressure alarm.
  • Switchable air feeds to trailer (air supply required)
  • Powered from x2-12volt batteries (not supplied)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Supplied with 4metre cables (24N,24S,ABS/EBS)
  • Lightweight construction
  • When purchased with CodeTalk, lighting circuits can be radio remote controlled, working up to 100metres away.