We now have a division in Sydney Australia

The business has been launched to service the growing requirements for ABS/EBS installation and diagnostics on new trailers built in Australia. Also sales of the DAB range of products including a special dual voltage version of our Trailer Check and a 12v versions of the type approved Guardmaster 2 auto brake system, for TMA crash attenuator vehicles.
Also for the Australian market we are further developing our Code-Talk platform to include a Brake Response Timer in addition to it’s comprehensive list of diagnostic features.

In addition to the products and services we offer, we have developed / modified the following products specifically for the Australian market:

  • Multi-Voltage 12-24 (7638) EBS Adaptor
  • Dual Voltage Portable Trailer Check 12 & 24V with Radio Control.
  • Air Brake Response Timer
  • Dual Voltage Van Trailer Check 12 & 24v with Auto Recognition
  • Stop-guard base TMA auto-brake system

We also offer franchise opportunities, please contact us to find out more.